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Why making a reliable and existing communication infrastructure accessible with modern interface for ease of use. Delta chat is e2ee email client with modern chat app interface. I.e. encrypted chat over email infrastructure. Why email Email has been around for 50 years, almost everyone who is on internet has it, it is interoperable irrespective of which email provider sender or receiver uses. Downside of email is that it is not private and it does not look like modern chat apps....

March 1, 2022

Organize Your notes.txt system

try to find a way to organize these notes…. It could make it more interesting [] So, Some of my internet friends asked my on how do i go about organizing all my notes in text files system. Here i am to try to answer that, as simply as possible. Note: F-all notetaking system : if you have not read the origin post yet. there i have shared an overview of how i sync my notes among my pc and smartphone....

February 19, 2022


#business-idea #idea / data storage archive as a service. A library of HDDs which will store your archival data for long term purposes. Like Americans have storage units(on rent) to store physical objects for longterm. Same way for data. It will be a subscription service. learned about why a startup or any brand do brand sponsoring with big sports teams. it is to gain the implied trust of respective sports fan by piggybacking on loyalty of fan with the sports team....

February 16, 2022

F*&% it all, i'm going basic: The F-all Notetaking system

Happy new year 2022 to all. Yeah, i know making a post weeks after the new years day doesn’t count for wishing new years but it’s better than wishing in next month. LOL, so just take it. alright COVID omicron is spreading quit fast but it is still less threating as of now. we are safe. i did caught it in beggining of the year though. now we are okay....

January 25, 2022


CI in codeberg It seems like codeberg doesn’t have CI that would work with hugo, like it does in GitHub. codeberg does provide static pages hosting but does not build the site. In alternate situation i can do is to load my iste on gitlab and host it there coz i know they do provide CI build feature for 2000 minutes for the year.

December 20, 2021


Hi, this is relejek. i have setup this hogu site. that i’ll push to my webrepo. can you see this now?

December 18, 2021