Hi all, do visit my blog. Meanwhile here content of my twtxt.txt (tweet.txt file). cheers

2022-04-13T23:27+05:30 finished watching 'The Big Bang Theory' season 12 a few days ago. thus marks the end of a small part of my teenage life. now only nostalgia remains.

2022-04-01T11:39+05:30 watching superior donuts tv show. it just fine for now. a refreshing theme

2022-03-31T13:39+05:30 Looking for anew place to rent. it too hot outside.

2022-03-30T01:34+05:30 watching 'the big bang theory' S9 by chuck lorre, as always super funny season

2022-03-28T13:46+05:30 watching Young Sheldon by Chuck Lorre. entertaining show, i like it.

2022-03-27T18:09+05:30 learn long-term investing. the early you begin the more you'll be thankful of your past-self coz you acted on this.

2022-03-27T10:49+05:30 today's a good day, this a test for my text microblogging system. hope you see this. have a good day.

2022-03-27T01:31+05:30 alright i removed JS feature to add my tweets to my index.html now it does that on compilation by the script. my frontpage is JS free #noJavaScript lol

2022-03-26T23:56+05:30 finally i have added a proper RSS structure looks good.cheers

2022-03-26T23:50+05:30 woa the rss is working. somewhat, LOL

2022-03-26T22:54+05:30 this new tweet at 220326 10:55pm

2022-03-26T19:19+05:30 hi this is evening my guy

2022-03-26T15:30+05:30 just made this tweet on my own tweet.txt inpired by the method of twtxt.txt method.